Saturday, 14 May 2011

Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium - March 2011

Opened in 1933 by William Chandler. It had a larger attendance and income from gambling than any other dog racing track in the UK, And was at one time the largest track in the UK with capacity for over 5,000 spectators.

It’s popularity waned and, in 2008, it closed.

There has been quite a large campaign to bring it back to life including a 20,000 signature petition

Developers London & Quadrant (L&Q) took ownership of the iconic site two years ago. Since buying the site, L&Q have infuriated campaigners by failing to submit planning applications or accept offers to buy or lease the site.

Infact a £9m bid by businessman and greyhound enthusiast Bob Morton was rejected by the owners

Trivia bit!!!

The front and back cover of the Blur album Parklife were shot at the stadium

We had heard all about the free roaming guard dog and had even seen a picture of it on an urbex forum, but that was dated a year ago and we were hoping that it was old news.

I kid you not, I had a sandwich bag full of chopped up sausage tied to my belt, I had seen the photo and I wasn't about to become a dog chew, the plan was, if the dog found us then rip open the bag, throw the grub at it, trip Skeleton Key over and the run like F##K

We had only been in the first grandstand building for a couple of minutes when we heard somebody walking about on the floor above, so we made our way out of the first bar and towards the seating area and the second section of the building, this is when we started noticing the dog crap dotted all over the floor, not good!!!

At the end of the building we came across the Sec tea station and TV. We were deciding whether or not to have a brew up when fido spotted us through the window, he went absolutely ballistic!! Barking and growling.

We retreated to one of the upper bars but it was too late, Sec knew we where in there and was walking the outside looking for us, at one point he climbed an outside staircase and was only a stones throw away. We did the brave thing and hid, waited a while and decided not to push it and beat a retreat, taking photos on the way.


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