Saturday, 14 May 2011

North Weald Redoubt & Radio Transmitter - March 2011

In the late Victorian period (1889-1903) mobilisation centres were constructed around the London area in order to provide ready ammunition in order to defend the city. These centres were not designed as forts themselves, although they could have been armed if the need arose. Being a mobilisation centre, if the need for armament did become apparent, the North Weald Redoubt would have been armed with whatever guns were seen as appropriate at the time.

Also on the site are two rare Allen William Turrets

North Weald/Ongar Radio Transmitter

It was originally built in 1920 and operated by Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company. In September 1929, control passed to Imperial and International Communications when the telegraphic communications of the Empire were placed in the hands of a single operating company.

The first radio-telegraphic services in 1921 connected London with Paris and Berne using Morse code. The transmitters were designed to operate simultaneously from 'A' station and the signals were mixed and radiated from one aerial on two different frequencies. 

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  1. Wow, I really love the photo's. Where exactly is this? do you have the post code of general area?