Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Connaught Road Tunnel - May 2011

Explored with Skeleton Key, Wevsky, Space Invader, Obscurity and Silver Rainbow

Connaught Road Station and Tunnel opened on 3rd August 1880

I don't have a date for this map, bit somebody may be able to date it from the Pontoon Docks which are no longer there.

On the 7th September 1940 the line was severely damaged during a German air raid. The line was repaired for the storage of wagons but the passenger service was never reinstated. The line was abandoned under Section 29 of the Port of London Act 1950. It was used for wagon storage at least until the mid 1960's. Nothing remained of the station by the mid 1950's.

Connaught Station is the building just off to the right and the larger building to the very left is the Connaught Tavern (now the Fox at Connaught). The arches leading to the entrance to the tunnel can be seen to the right.
This is from the same spot today, only the Fox at Connaught pub links the two photos.
 This is the route of the tunnel today cutting underneath to the West of the runway at London City Airport and follows under the link that cuts the Royal Victoria and Royal Albert docks. The Fox at Connaught pub is the brown building at the 7 o'clock position to the roundabout.
(Sorry for the wiggly lines, my hand is as steady as Oliver Reeds)

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