Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Cold Christmas Curch - Thunderidge

This tower is reported to be one of the most haunted church's in the UK (If you believe that old twaddle), situated in the middle of nowhere and only accessed by a miles trek on foot.

So there was no better time to visit it than at night


The old church known as Little St. Mary's is first recorded 1086 where it was part of the estate belonging to Hugh De Desmaisnil. It was demolished in 1853 but the 15th Century Tower was left intact along with the graveyard.

The tower has three stagings and some of the original fixtures from the chapel have been incorporated into it as the 14th century window above he door and the 12th century doorway.

There has been much interest in it over the years from different parties that have led to a number of stories and accounts of strange happenings. The latest in January 2009 led to a local newspaper sending an investigative reporter to see for themselves after recieving some strange video footage of something inside the tower.

This was the video which the reporter received
(Make sure your sound is on, contains swearing)


Extracts of the report in the East Herts Herald

TREPIDATION and excitement gripped me as I saw a narrow bridleway leading to my destination, an eerie church tower looming above a distant copse.

The ruined church in Thundridge has been attracting attention of late, with two reports in as many weeks of bizarre and menacing growling noises emanating from the decaying tower, off Cold Christmas Lane.

After being sent a video and hearing the growl myself I was unable to fend off my curiosity any longer, and decided that the Herald should investigate.

When I arrived at the clearing where the tower stands my mind raced as I recounted the research I had done into this place. It has for a number of years attracted devil-worshippers at Halloween, and is rumoured to be haunted.

Before venturing to the site I read in the book Haunted Hertfordshire how, in 1978 a woman was confronted by a terrifying supernatural army which let out blood-curdling screams and walked straight through her.

Thankfully (or perhaps unfortunately) for myself and our photographer no such apparition transpired on our visit.

I peered into the tower through a small hole hoping to discover what the “menacing groan” which Hoddesdon pensioner Ann Crump, and husband Leonard had heard a little over a week before, but the tower remained silent.

Thundridge Bernard and Marion Hill were walking their dog nearby and I asked them if they knew what the fuss was about.

Marion said: “It does seem to attract people, there’s a bit of a fascination about it.”

But Bernard added: “We come here twice a day, and have lived here for 33 years and have never heard anything. 



  1. I've have been here twice on my first I seemed to have sawn a face at the top at the time so did my friend, then not to go in. for the second time to go inside it felt heavy to breath. form one of my friends I heard a story that her and her friends went to the top of the stairs, she did not want to go first so she went last. she had a plaster over a deep cut I asked what it was, she told me she was pushed down the stairs and cut her hand on a loses brick. after hearing about the devil I do not want to go back as me and one other friend heard whispering in our ears

    1. u fucking idiot grow up

    2. lol that's not PP or SW is it ;)

  2. "situated in the middle of nowhere"

    Well, yeah. Next houses 1000 feet away, and the village half a mile... :-)

    "only accessed by a miles trek on foot"

    And that old tower is surrounded by streets, and you can leave your car just in front of it. :-)

    Ahhh, those modern legends...

    1. I live just down the road. The road stops in Thunderidge. It's not a long walk to the church, but it is a walk.

  3. load of bollox been there loads of times fuck all happened no ghosts when we r dead we r dead that's it simple FACT

  4. Does anyone know what the village of Cold Christmas was known as before its name was changed?