Saturday, 14 May 2011

Nunns Mills Power Station - Northampton - Feb 2011

Nunn Mills power station is an old disused and gutted power station in Northampton, the River Nene runs along its northern boundary whilst an infrequently used rail freight line, together with disused tracks and siding marks the southern boundary of the site.

For more than 10 years, graffiti artists have met at a warren of abandoned factory buildings behind the town's old power station, most of these have now been demolished.

 I had been given the heads up about the CCTV and the tannoy system, but that still didn't prepare me for when it went off!!

After a brief crackle, the automated words "Priority Seven" were endlessly repeated over the tannoy system, then a very angry sec came across the tannoy, and the conversation went like this

Tannoy "Oi you three"

SK "There are four of us"

Tannoy "Oh, OK, you four!","this is private property and you are trespassing, is you don't leave immediately then the police will be called"

The whole time the "Priority Seven" announcement continued for effect.

We were laughing our socks off as we made our way out.

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