Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tottenham Park Cemetery Chapel - April 2011

Skeleton Key and myself set off to London for an explore that we had tried a fortnight earlier and failed to gain access. We had an hour or so to burn before darkness and I remembered a derelict chapel that I had seen a week or so before.

Tottenham Park Cemetery is a small private burial ground dating from 1912. At the near the bottom wall sits this beautiful derelict chapel

Couldn't really find much in the way of history on the internet apart from this strange piece....

On the night of Halloween 1968 a graveyard desecration by persons unknown occurred at Tottenham Park Cemetery in London.
These persons arranged flowers taken from graves in circular patterns with arrows of blooms pointing to a new grave, which was uncovered.
A coffin was opened and the body inside "disturbed". But their most macabre act was driving an iron stake in form a cross though the lid and into the breast of the corpse.
The source is the London Evening News, 2 November 1968

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