Saturday, 14 May 2011

L&H Polymers (A.K.A. Reacro Rubber) - Northamption - Feb 2011

Went on a little road trip to Northampton today with Skeleton Key and Tstranger1066, on the way up the motorway we picked up Msaunder1972.

After an Laurel and Hardy trip (which involved me going the wrong way around the roundabout on which the Nottingham Lift Tower lives) we arrived.

The site was a damn site bigger than it looked from the front and was falling to pieces.
Where the floor wasn't slippery with old oil then it was slippery with moss, the rain fell freely through holes in the roof and the plant life had just about taken over the place in many parts.
Add to this the usual dangers of missing manhole covers and some really dodgy floors and ladders!!
All in all, this was great explore and possibly my favorite of the day

A bit of history............The factory was once a large busy place of work which developed the flooring for the Northampton bus station as well as some of the flooring in the London Underground as well as the Tokyo Underground in Japan. The business has now closed and what's left of the factory has been left to rot and decay. All of the floor's inside are damn and moss has began to grow from the stone floor. Most of the roof has fell through and all doors have been removed 


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