Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Bull Manor

The manor house in this form was built in the mid 1800's and has been vacant since the last owner died in the late 1980's

The house is a treasure trove and a photographers and explorers paradise, but sadly I can't see the interior of the building lasting very much longer. 

There have been major collapses, some whole rooms have completely gone, some of the middle floor is only accessable by ladder and the 3rd floor is just not doabale at all

Splored with SK and Mr & Mrs Bones

The house is named "Bull Manor" due to the security arrangements
Thanks to Lowri for the photo

The Main Entrance And Stairs

The Music Room

The "Green Room"

A Couple Odd Rooms Off Of The First Floor

The "Crawl Through The Hole In The Door" Room

The Library


  1. Wow! Stunning pics! What part of the country is that in?

  2. Amazing pics guys! It's so sad to see lovely old places like this go to ruin. So much stuff left behind. The dead bird in the cage is particularly poignant.

  3. Fantastic explo, one of the best I've ever seen I think regarding homes and residential. Great pics also. Lucky you ;]

  4. Very nice nelly..still not got round to this :)

  5. This is my favourite, talk about stuck in a timewarp!

  6. Wonderful! A treasure trove!