Friday, 13 May 2011

Severals Asylum - Mile End - Colchester - Jan 2011

One of the most impressive things that I have ever seen. The size of the place and the sheer scale cannot be described, the corridors that stretch seemingly for miles and the surprises that await around every corner.

 Another great explore with Skeleton Key

Severalls Hospital was the second Essex County Asylum - opening in 1913 to relieve pressure from the Warley Asylum.
Designed by F.Whithouse & W.H.Town, the site was continually added to between 1910 and 1935, and this is reflected in the different styles present.
The asylum was situated on 300 acres of the Severalls estate, which was sold to the Essex County Council in 1904 and its doors were opened to patients in 1913; at its peak it housed over 2000 patients, both in main wards and the outlaying villas.
Interestingly the chimney attached to the water tower was lowered by one third of its height during World War Two to prevent it being a hazard to crippled bombers landing at a nearby US airbase

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