Monday, 25 July 2011

The Marconi Radio Factory, Chelmsford

This was a return visit after getting busted by plod in March after only 20 minutes.
Back then we only touched the out buildings but had seen enough for it to be put on the back burner.
With my new baby daughter expected within the week then I was under orders to stay near to home so I could hot foot it back if the "head appeared".
Little did I know that I would be spending ten hours in a police cell and wouldn't walk through the front door until the early hours of the next morning

Explored with the brilliant Skeleton Key and a non member called Ben

The History

Marconi's New Street factory was built in 1912 next to the Great Eastern Railway. A railway siding ran across New Street into the factory yard and brought materials in one end of the works and took finished radio equipment out of the other.

At the South end of the building two huge aerial masts once stood, the 450ft (137m) high "Marconi Poles" formed Chelmsfords most prominent landmark.

During the Second World War the Marconi Company employed more than 6,000 people in Chelmsford. Producing vital military communications equipment, the New St factory became a target for bombing and was hit in May 1941 with a loss of 17 lives.

In 1920, two years before the BBC was established, the New Street factory made history as the site of the first official British sound broadcasts including the famous concert by Dame Nellie Melba which was heard all over the world.


  1. Jesus talk about going down hill!! Its not the mint factory i remember it as any more that's for sure. Have the PIRs disappeared now?

  2. Ah, no mate, it's still PIR'd to the eyeballs, we were setting them off as soon as we got on site and not just in the buildings but outside too, so we just took the decision to get on with it top speed and see as much a we could before sec arrived ;)

  3. I used to work was my 30 year anniversary on 23rd Sept 2013.I still work for them! There were then Marconi Communications, now I work in Rochester Kent for them,they are now BAE Systems!