Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Bald Hind Pub - Chigwell - July 2011

The Bald Hind opened in 1770 as "The Bald Faced Hind"
(Bald Face refers to an animal that has a white strip down the forehead. Hind refers to a female red deer).

The fist publican on record was a Mr Levi Grout in 1822, the pub stayed in his family till 1902, passed on to Susannah Grout (Wife), Ann Grout (Daughter), Thomas Grout (Son), Louisa A Grout (Daughter) and James Catley (Grandson, apparently aged 7)

Planning permission was granted to Central Investment Properties in May 2011 to demolish the pub and Build a block of 14 two and three bedroom flats

The Bald Hind in the 1950's

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  1. It was so sad to see this lovely building demolished. My good friend Peter Hunt lived here for many years when his parents ran the pub. They ran it so well and the pub was always spotlessly clean with the mirrors behind the bars gleaming and all of the glassware sparkling. Fortunately, Peter still has some of the beautifully engraved bar mirrors at his home in Frinton.