Sunday, 26 June 2011

The T.V. Repair Shop

I have a good explore mate (who's name I won't mention) who once gave me some stick for exploring derelict houses, so with this post I can actually stick two fingers up at him, because if I hadn't bothered to go up and push the door of this normal looking derelict 3 story house then I never would have found the gold mine that lay behind the boarded up windows.

I can only think it was a TV repair shop at one time, the newest stuff I could find inside dated from about the mid to late 80's.

Sorry it's a bit pic heavy and sorry for the flash photos, not enough time to fanny about with the tripod, and please please don't PM me asking where it is, because after some of the disgraceful looting that has been going on within the Urbex community I will not be spilling the beans, sorry :(

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  1. Nice one mate, Looks like a nice little mooch.