Thursday, 2 June 2011

All Saints Chruch - Berners Roding - Essex - May 2011

How diverse can urban exploring be? On Sunday I was taking pictures of my adrenaline pumped mates, stripping off and posing for photos in Harold Wood morgue. 24 hours later and I'm sitting all alone in a dusty but serene 700 year old church in the middle of nowhere.

Information on this beautiful church is very sparse on the internet, but I have managed to find the following from various sources

Deconsecrated in March 1985, the church dates from the fourteenth century, and was first mentioned in registers in 1538 and still has two windows of that age.
The church had a bell dated 1594 but this is long gone

On the inside the wooden floor on which once stood the pews is rotted and cracked an sunlight streams through several cracks in the walls
There is no stained glass and only two interior monuments - one monument is dated 1591 and 1593.
The pulpit remains, plus one stool and a kneeler. In the corner are rusting oil fires and an oil can.

Research on the internet suggest that a planning application for residential use had been submitted but might have been rejected - probably due to lack of road access

The church and graveyard is now managed by Epping Forest Countrycare and had been owned by an un-nammed party since 2008



  1. Nice one mate would like to see this for myself one day. :D

  2. I went to Sunday School there during the war and it is sad to see the state of it now. My Dad repaired the steeple but that has gone now.