Monday, 24 June 2013

St Helens Church - Biscathorpe - Lincolnshire

St Helens is a Grade 2 listed Anglican church just outside the village of Biscathorpe

The Church was built in 1847 and restored in 1913

The last mention of the church being active that I can find is the online parish records that mentions the Banns Book that finished in 1969

Seats 60

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  1. Awesome Set Father Nelly!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful and peaceful place !

  3. Hi Nelly. Just wanted to say thanks for the photos. Love your work. My heart sank when I came across your pics of the two gate Lodges at Briggens House in Roydon. I used to live in the one on the left when I was working as a barman at the hotel. I have a lot of fond memories of the place. One night we had a rough party there and the one guy got wasted and broke the one window. He was fired the next day because the buildings are listed. Well, look at them now :( So sad. Cheers from sunny Cape Town.

    1. Cheers fella, It's a shame its been left to decay like this, did you see the main Briggens House visit??

  4. In Salem, Ma stands America's first church. On the location today is their fifth structure. This building is where they condemned the people accused of witchcraft. It stood next a building which was the nation's capital for a few months during the Revolutionary War. On this Salem walking tour they told us that both buildings were attached to an elaborate set of tunnels. In fact three other churches in town were also the guide said. One was even in the new Rob Zombie film. So after the tour I got to go back to the building which is now a restaurant and connive my way into the tunnel that led to the next building. Unfortunately the way to the next building was blocked off, so I had to just go up a stairs and go out the back door of the second building.