Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Potters Manor

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Potters Manor House was built in 1904. It nestles well hidden near the village of Crowborough in East Sussex. The last inhabitants were a family of artisans and potters and for some reason, that we will probably never know, left the house with all its contents including many paintings and full wardrobes of clothes.

Sadly over the years the house has been plundered and vandalised. This is whats left


  1. Very good indeed Nelly,just wish you had seen this in its heyday..great group shot btw

  2. Cheers Stu, epic day out mate, look forward to our next one ;)

  3. Is this place still derelict? and is anyone allowed to go and take photographs?

  4. The house was known as Higher Steep and it has been renovated . Now it is called Highwell House. Cate Blanchett the movie star reportedly owns it now.