Thursday, 24 May 2012

Severalls Asylum - Colchester

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Severalls Hospital was the second Essex County Asylum, opening in 1913 to relieve the pressure from the Warley Asylum

Designed by F. Whithouse & W.H. Town, the site was continually added to between 1910 and 1935, and this is reflected in the different styles of archtecture

The asylum was situated on 300 acres of the Severalls estate which was sold to Essex County Council in 1913.

At its peak it housed over 2000 patients, both in the main wards and the outlying villas.

Interestingly the chimney attached to the water tower was lowered by one third of its height during World War II to prevent it being a hazard to crippled bombers landing at a nearby U.S. airbase

If you search for a more detailed history of Severalls on the internet you will find many disturbing stories of the experimental procedures that were carried out there in the name of mental health including labotomy and ECT procedures


  1. Loving the taps, as well as those long, corridor shots with all the flaking paint. Any idea what that large hall (7th pic from the bottom) was used for?

  2. It looks a lot like Cane Hill did!

  3. nearly gone now went in few days ago been demolished